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Always enjoyed Windsong and bringing guildies up there to experience the zone. Beasts Domain was also lots of fun. Overall a great expansion.

I returned to the game in 2014 after being gone for a few years. It was right around the time that they were releasing more content for Call of the Forsaken. I think I was logged out in the candyland area of Morell's Castle or something silly. The first content I got to experience when I came back was in Veil of Alaris.

I was shown how to get to Valley of Lunanyn through Argath. I was told to be careful on the spiral ramp, as people would sometimes fall to their death there. I didn't learn about the blimp until later when I started working on traveler achievements and wondered how Alaris was connected to the rest of the world — pretty cool form of transportation. I also remember thinking Pillars of Alra was a neat looking zone when I first saw it doing traveler achievements.

Guildies would take me to Valley to level up. I picked up my first few fragments for the tear there. I remember it feeling so weird to play EverQuest again. The controls felt so foreign for whatever reason. I also got to take advantage of the daily task to kill oashims that was active at the time. That made catching up easy. I eventually came back to farm a Twisted Reed Flute from Aethra the Mad. I used EQ Resource to identify the placeholders I needed to kill! I also later spent some time fishing in Argath... so many Raxil fish.

I got to experience the first few raids in the expansion with some public raids... well, as much as you can when higher levels and gear lets you steamroll the content. I still need to convince some people to go back and do the remaining raids sometime!

I wish I could have experienced it when it was current.

I especially came to love the Valley, just not at first! I remember going in with some guildmates who had already been fighting there. We all zoned in emerging from the pond and BoOM right into a farmer & they all died & for the first time ever i wasnt kos someplace LoL. As an Ogre SK - i was KoS everywhere... it was short live how ever as I took the faction hits, but i was growing stronger with AAs & gear from the zone & richer too as the gear was tradable. I remember camping the named in the trooper encampments and how hard it was to split. Eventually I would be able to go there to solo the encampments & named and eventually swarm pull it all for my own AAs! Good times. I still go back every few months and slaughter the farmers and trooper enmass!


I really enjoyed raiding in this expansion. It was the first expansion that I got to raid start to finish.

Oddly enough, I enjoyed the quest arc to acquire the pillar port spells for my druid. Not sure why, but I liked that it was a challenge to get instead of just buying it.


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