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Battle Master Ska`tu

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Battle Master Ska'Tu can also spawn in the area where Shai`din Warmaster Roh`ki  spawns. In the pit where you have the one PH for Shai`din Warmaster Roh`ki (one in pit, other above the area where there are two spawn points for Warmaster) and the rest are undeads, I think any of the undead can spawn Battle Master Ska'Tu, although I only had him spawn by the ramp at bottom of pit. Looks like "a reanimated dragoon/berserker/partisan" can all spawn in the pit static by the ramp and all the roamers.

I also the the Battlemaster spawn in the additional location noted by Endless, tonight.

Some more info on the spawn of the Battlemaster in the Warmaster room.  I had the Battlemaster spawn three times for me last night while clearing the Warmaster room, and all three times the Battlemaster spawned at the foot of the ramp in the skelly pit, on the right side, as you face down the ramp into the pit.  For reference, the Warmaster PH in the pit is on the left side at the foot of the ramp.

Also has a PH in the same circular room with two spawn spots for the warmaster.


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