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Anyone found the crystals yet?

For the step "Certainly the sarnak wear some sort of jewelry, right? See if you can find some.",

we spent a couple hours trying to get the  drop, getting only about 4 drops while clearing many areas of the zone.  We finally got to the room where Dread Oversear Akolod spawns as marked with a 4 on the Chardok Named map and got about 6 jewelry drops in 7 kills.

The step "Crystals of all sorts can be found in Chardok, Gather some. 0/10" currently seems to be bugged.  We went thru numerous tasks without finding any crystals.  For now, you might want to get a new task if you get this step until fixed.

Crystals are from clicking the red Crystals in zone. Seems to be fixed now.

was doing this and was running around everywhere to find red crystals and no luck, decided to click on a blue crystal and it worked. Looks like any crystals can be used for the crystal part.

Step 1:
Some of the scouts have recovered some sort of ale on the sarnak. If they are brewing their own there are people that will want 0/10 (Chardok)

I ended up looting one of the items off of a chodakai tonight, not restricted to only sarnaks.


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