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October 12, 2011 - Patch
« on: October 10, 2011, 07:38:24 PM »

All EverQuest Live Servers will be coming down on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 3:00 am US Pacific (US Pacifc-PST is -8 GMT: 4:00 am MST, 5:00 am CST, 6:00 am EST, 11:00 am GMT, 12:00 pm CET) for a game update. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for 5 hours. Keep an eye on the EQ Players website and the forums for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

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Re: Patch on 10/12/11
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October 12, 2011

*** Highlights ***

- All currently active accounts and some recently lapsed subscriptions will be granted a one-time gift of 250 Station Cash the next time they log in!

*** Items ***

- Berserker leg armor from House of Thule now has the proper Frenzy mods.
- The Ancient Text from the Veil of Alaris launch event can now be read. Be sure to read it before the expansion launches!
- Fixed an error that was causing Ranger breastplates to no longer focus the effects of the Focused Tempest of Arrows spell line.
- The Polished Crystalline Jewel augmentation will now properly fit into armor.
- The minimum mana required for spells to trigger focus effects on the Underfoot shawls has been increased.
- Rocketeer Boots now share a common cooldown timer.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Bile Spines now stack.

*** Quests & Events ***

- House of Thule Raid Completion titles have been added, including the server first titles. They will be available immediately to anyone who has earned them.
- Fixed a potential crash that could occur in the mission "Hippity Hoppity Kill."

*** Spells ***

- Bard - Added minimal mana costs to Dirge of Dreams and Noira's Song of Suffering to allow them to be used more easily in melodies.
- Corrected a data error that was causing fizzled spells to cost an indeterminate amount of mana (but usually 0).

*** Progression Servers ***

- The Veil of Alaris launch event NPCs should no longer be present on Progression servers.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Resolved some remaining pathing issues in the upper floors of the House of Thule.
- Game cards can now be redeemed in game in the Marketplace for Station Cash.
- "Fellowship MOTD:" will no longer appear when there isn't a message but you are in a fellowship.
- Fixed a crash when leaving certain items in augmentation sealers.
- Added a new "move down" key with default keyboard binding of the "END" button. Holding this key down while levitating will cause the player to move downward, even while in 3rd person camera modes.
- Changed jump button behavior for mounts. Previously, jump was disabled for players on mounts. Now if you are mounted the jump button will work. Mounts, like players, can not jump when they are levitating.
- Mounts will no longer be dismissed in very shallow water. They will still be dismissed if the water is deep enough to allow players to swim.
- Corrected the appearance of the Sirensbane in Qeynos.

*** UI ***

- Added vitality bars to the experience and alternate experience gauges in the inventory window. They appear as a green bar at the bottom of the experience bars. The bars represent the percentage of available vitality compared to the vitality cap. When they are full of vitality, the bar will be full. When they have no vitality (or when the max is 0) they will have an empty bar.
- Fixed an issue with the Extended Target Window where marking a target slot as My Mercenary's Target was not always displaying the mercenary's target.
- Items with a negative faction skill mod will now display as having a faction skill mod in the item display window.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Fixed several issues with the upcoming launch events that were reported by players on Test. Thanks for the help!
- Fixed a crash bug related to languages.
- Fixed an AA experience text bug where it would give unnecessary warnings in certain instances.
- Fixed a bug that could display your other characters' guild information when switching characters.
- Fixed a crash bug related to some trigger and chance spells.
- Emissary Grusal should no longer be on vacation within the Dragons Dragons Dragons zones.
- Lowered the purchase price on plots and all real estate upkeep costs by 90 percent. Houses and other such items have the same purchase price. The minimum cost of any non coin based currency is still 1.

- The EverQuest Team