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Step 3:

There are some odd folks that like odd fungus parts in their food. See if you can find any.

- Drops off Fungusmen. Many can be found underneath the first bridge.

I was able to request this after completing "On Nobody's Side." I also had "Where is Burning Woods" but not "Digging YourSelf Deeper" or "The Last Grove."

Step 1 - brew drop off Dizok herbalist. I found those beneath the first bridge too

Sarnak Stout - drops off Dizok in lower section
Fungus comes from the fungus men
Chokidai eggs drop from a chokidai egg sac (chest type structure) that you must "kill" to open
a magic shard/fracture drops an ancient golden bracelet

The various fungus men and magic shards are not mezzable, but they are snare/rootable

Reward for completing the mission at level 105 was 100 Sathir Gems, which are not tradeable


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