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Updates today:

Destroy the supplies that the sarnak would need should a battle break out 0/8
- Four crates can be found in the "Arena" area north-eastish from the zone in. The others are spread throughout the zone, generally found in rooms.
Acquire some of the Sarnak's books, they may have valuable information 0/8
- These are found in the library on top of shelves, tables, and benches.

I was able to request this after completing "On Nobody's Side." I also had "Where is Burning Woods" but not "Digging YourSelf Deeper" or "The Last Grove."

This HA shares the task timer with "Other Things". So you can only do one or the other, but not both sequentially. We had 1.5 hours wait time after completing the first, so I am guessing the request delay is about 3 hours from time to request the mission.

The version my group got was different for step 4. We were given Arcanist Explosives and the 4th step said
"Set explosives to cut off some of the support beams and collapse the tunnels that lead out."

Took us 2 hours in the mission but we finally figured out that the Green tunnel, starting in the NW is where you put 3 explosives at different locations. One of the loc for the explosives was n145 n994 n232.

Only 80 currency was received for this mission. Considering that the other in Burning Woods gave 100 and is easier, I think we will avoid this one in the future.


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