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Jaled Dar`s trapped shade

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This namer seems to act as a normal camp, however, the ph/named Draco in the middle won't go active until the room is cleared. We had two groups and cleared every ritualist constantly for about 2 hours, and as long as the room was kept clear the draco in the middle would agro, but we never once saw "Jared Dar's trapped shade" or got the /ach. At one point we took a break to wait for full repops to see if that worked, but nope.

I'd have to check the logs, but iirc there were 2 mobs:
1) "Jaled Dal's Shade" (notice NO 'trapped;' we killed at least 2 of these and neither counted for the /ach. Is this a bug?)
2) A "a trapped dracoliche"

Are we missing something?


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