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Jaled Dar`s trapped shade

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killed for 12 hours there. no trapped Jaled. It's either broken or killing *halfling* around the room and killing the name in the middle is not the right way.

Must clear the entire room. IE no mobs up at least once sometimes twice and you get either a ph or the real mob.

This is more like a raid mob - at least 15 or more ritualists up around Jaled which apparently need to be killed before he becomes active. He was up and I was in a good group with a couple of extra characters outside but we couldn't clear the room quick enough before the ritualists re-spawned; this named is more trouble than it's worth...

The description above about a certain number of ritualists need to be killed for the bond to be broke is incorrect. ALL of the ritualists in that room have to be dead to break the bond and be able to pull him. He ended up being a two group thing for me on FV.


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