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The Morale of Despair

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If you deleted your keys but have them on your key ring, you can click the mirrors on the "Collect key" steps for task updates.

From this quest you learn:
You have learned the recipe Enchanted Velium Clay!
You have learned the recipe Unfired Velium Empowered Gem Crucible!
You have learned the recipe Velium Empowered Gem of Freezing!

At the end of the previous quest (Foundation), it says to complete all quests in Velious. Since the quest before that (Orcs on Ice) said to prove yourself as a mercenary. I took that to mean all the mercenary achievements (all 6 zones).

So now I am wondering what "all quests" would include? I am thinking just the partisans, as the Heroes are technically missions.

Anyone know for sure?

"Access the room of narcissim 0/1 (The Tower of Frozen Shadow)
Enter the Mirror Room"

You have to go up to each mirror (as if you are looking at yourself) to get the update.


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