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October 1, 2011 - VoA Pre Launch Quests!



Brell has sent one of his creations to Ak'Anon to speak with the king in regards to building an airship to assist in exploring a lost land. The king organized his engineers and gave them a command to build an airship that could reach this hidden continent. A small portion of the city's coffers have been given to this band of engineers, and they have begun construction of a flying ship based on the one built by Meldrath. It is Brell's desire that people go and assist the other gods on the hidden continent.

As we promised you, we have walkthroughs! Head over to the Special section of the site to read up on the lore of this event, and get started earning your favorite items from the list of rewards! Be sure to check back at EQResource for walkthroughs for the upcoming stages as well.

Currently all tasks have a 6 hour timer on them, and the rewards NPC is not up. These issues were fixed on the Test server, but since there has not been a patch to the Live servers since these changes, I'd assume these problems won't be fixed until the next Live server patch. We will keep you posted!

Chief Foreman Salli has been despawned from all servers due to an exploit. SOE has no eta of her return at this time, other than "next week hopefully".


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