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loc of the body of the recruit (#3 on map) 734, 943, -331.  The 3 mobs that spawn are yellow con at 120. 72m hps each.

When examining the body, use the kit at max range.  This prevents them all from popping on the group and killing everyone.  The 3 adds are mezzable, but have decently high resists.

Upon clicking the forensic kit three mobs pop.  Two were yellow cons to 120 and one even.   Given time they move to set positions where they can be split and killed more easily. 

Upon trying to repeat this today, Pathmaster Shainai doesn't give all the original responses. In order to get the update when you hand in the letter you need to say, "cause" and then say "body" to get the Forensic Kit.

The only way I figured this out was to examine the old EQ log file I had saved from back in January when I did this the first time!

Edit: Actually she did give the appropriate text but I missed the keyword in some spam that happened at the same time.


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