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The Overseer Reborn

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Overseer Rerborn will pop in the room to the SE on his death. Not where he spawns.

Need confirmation that the PH'er (The Master of the Guard) actually spawns where it's identified on the picture. We've been killing the various even con and yellow con Captain of the Guard at that spot for a couple of days now (during rare boost, too) without a spawn of The Master. I'm beginning to think the ph'er will end up being one of the other mobs in the area.

Rare spawn event has no effect on named in this zone. The trigger mobs are not flagged as rare creatures so do not get a bonus to their spawn.

The Captain of the Guard is the standard PH until you spawn the Master of the Guard in the same spot. Once you spawn the Master of the Guard and kill him, that spawns The Overseer Reborn. I tried to kill the PH only with no luck, but as soon as I started killing trash around the area I was able to get the Master to spawn. 8)


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