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I have had the best success with always going left from the zone in and following that around. The main reason being that you need to engage the next dragon fairly soon after you beat the last to avoid resets, and if you finish on Melalafen and have to head into Vulak with his debuff, it is a bit more cumbersome for the final fight (spell interrupt chance on it, etc.)

First and second fight (regardless of which direction you go) are pretty straightforward, just spank and tank. Save the burns since you will need them for Vulak, and because the dragons go inactive when the whole "send energy to the central gem" emote comes in, which happens more and more as you move on. The fourth dragon always takes a while to kill just because you are waiting for it to become active over and over.

During these phases you may get a crystal on your cursor. There's always at least 2, I have gotten 3 in some cases and it seems to be tied to how fast you kill? I might be missing some of the mechanics and ignore a lot of them. These seem to be for blocking the debuffs/effects caused by the golems that will walk to the central gem and explode during the final fight with Vulak.

Make sure to read the click effect on the gems! They are not named for which one they block so you can't rely on just color matching to the golems. It seems to be a self buff that you need to target yourself/click and blocks the negative effects. However, if you burn Vulak fast enough you can avoid the golems altogether.

There are some dragons that resist certain spells (e.g. Sivar seems to resist 'Mark' spells from Clerics and Paladins, Honvar or Cargalia, can't remember which, resists ice fairly often). Once you get it down this becomes a repeatable mission fairly easily.

You Can Stop and Med before killing the last of the 4 dragons. When the last of the 4 dies you have a short window to engage vulak or it resets. Once Vulak dies click the crystal to get the chest to pop.

Add Prismatic Sword of Kildrukaun and Frigid Shroud of the Sleeper's Guard to loot table


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