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Anyone found the port spells for wizzys yet?


--- Quote from: Yinla on December 12, 2018, 05:26:04 AM ---Anyone found the port spells for wizzys yet?

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They are on a Port Vendor in Esianti

this needs updated. you only gain access while you have the lockout.

--- Quote ---At this point, if you complete at least 1 Trial, you can now Request the Rise of Smoke Raid.

It is best to complete all 5 Trials for full access to the Static zone, which has the zones Mercenary Quests, it will be the easiest way to move through the zone without dealing with Instance Event Wins and Lockouts.

With at least 1 Trial down, you will gain access to the next zone, Empyr: Realms of Ash.
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Sorry posted this in wrong spot should be for "Palace of Embers".

For Step 1:  Flame Consuming Hand is the mob you are looking for.  He spawned for us over in the ditch next to the embers zone entrance.   At 9% he goes inactive,  give him the keywords "we will kill you" for update.    No matter where we killed in zone, he spawned over here.


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