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When they implemented the new faction system, it is not without errors, particularly in regard to this one. Before the change, Oggok Resident was Oggok Citizen - and the only way I have found to raise it was from The Emmisary quest. I raised my Oggok Citizen to max ally from repeating the turn-ins. Now, my faction is what it is for everyone and turn-ins give an error to the faction reward text.

The original Oggok Citizen(s) consist mainly as the non-merchant, non-guard, ogres statically placed in the huts area of The Feerot. Killing them gives hits to the Oggok Resident faction (which shouldn't exist.) Furthermore, Butcherblock Mountains is rife with several faction issues. In the SE corner of that zone is a tower with dual-wielding armed ogres (obviously warriors, they should be on the Craknek faction, but they are instead the give negative hits to this false Oggok Resident faction. To make matters worse, these mobs are Always Scowling to everyone regardless or race or faction. This same always aggro error is also evident in the camp of Dismal Rage npcs in that zone as well. So, if you get close enough to aggro either of these npcs and accidentally kill one, you get negative faction despite one's faction standing.
The roaming two-hander wielding ogres (obviously SK, Greenblood faction) behave correctly as do the caster ones Zarchoomi and another name I cannot recall atm.
Kaladim Citizen faction is screwed up in that zone in a different way; too long to discuss here.

And, yes, I sent this information and evidence thru a customer service ticket (also /bug) - the representative agreed with me but could do nothing but forward the information on to people who could, but this was just before ToV; and you can see where this will lead towards resolving the issues.


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