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New Progression Guild in March


Copying from the EQ Boards for those that are interested.

We had a great run on the Test Server with our Guilds Unintended Consequences and Intended Consequences a few years ago and the leadership is putting together something again. So check out the site if this interests you. It's a great time, great people and great memories.

--- Quote ---UPDATE: I put up a quick website for us to use and communicate. Come check us out and lets continue to build this great family! http://progressionx.guildlaunch.com

Hello friends!

With the announcement of Everquest Free To Play, I've decided to bring an old idea back to reality. Myself and others have set up and run 4 progression guilds in the last 5 years. Each guild had its own successes and failures but, each and every time I played, it was a highly memorable and enjoyable experience!

With Free To Play coming in March; I think this is a great time to get the guild running again. I have a small officer core that has expressed interest to me. For these types of guilds to survive, they need to have a strong core that share values. Right now this is very preliminary. I am starting this post early because I need to find several more core members and officers to get this project off the ground once more.

I've been apart of 4 progression guilds and I have a good idea of what it takes to keep these running smoothly. Unintended Consequences of test, Intended Consequences of test and Wrathful Inquisition were the big 3 that I had the pleasure of being involved with. Members from these guilds still have nothing but great things to say about their time spent there. I still keep in touch with many from those times because of the great bonds we built doing EQ progression.

If you have any interest in this project, now is the time to get involved. We will be discussing and voting on rules, pace, ect. I am looking for a few more officers but anyone interested at all should get involved as soon as possible. Help us get started and make your voice heard. Without a dedicated core of players, these guilds will flicker and die very quickly. Feel free to contact me via this post or private message. I will also be leaving a character up and running most of the day. I will not always be around to respond but I will leave my character up to catch any messages or questions you might have.

Character is ProgressionX and I am currently located on the Drinal-Maelin server. Please stop on over and lets make this project something to remember!
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