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D'Pikey - Antonius Bayle - Euro Raid Guild


Guild Name:



Time Zone:


Sunday = 3.30pm to 12.00am CET (9.30am to 6.00pm EST) - 1 hour break for dinner around 19:00 CET
Monday thru Thursday = 8.00pm to 12.00am CET (2.00pm to 6.00pm EST)
There are no raids on Friday and Saturday so take some rest or chill out with other guildies.
Our roster contains a healthy mix of European players and several US players whose shift / play times suit our schedule.

Loot System:
We use a DKP system

We are a raiding guild on Antonius Bayle we have completed all of RoF including Vulak.

D’Pikey is a raiding guild so it is important that this is what you are looking for in a guild. Raiding is vital to our membership and we expect everyone to be focussed behind our joint goals. However, we believe we have found a great balance between the focus required to be one of the top guilds on the server and the ability to still have fun!

We are however looking for motivated people who are willing to put in time and effort into their characters and the guild. We require you to make 60% raid attendance during your trial. If you think your current gear / AA situation is not good enough to join our guild then please get in contact with one of our officers, it will do no harm to have a ‘chat’. We absolutely recognise the importance of the person and their enthusiasm and will not determine anything on purely your statistics alone.

We are a top end raiding guild but we do however understand that real life comes first.

Currently looking for
Bards (H)
Bezerkers (M)
Clerics (M)
Monks (L)
Rogue (L)
Shaman (L)

Other classes excepted if exceptional.

If you feel you have something to offer despite playing one of the classes not currently open then please still get in contact; there is always room to consider truly exceptional candidates and sometimes this thread may be a day or two out of date!

Trial Process
Once you get tagged as a Pikey your trial commences and will last 30 days. During your trial you will find plenty of people ready and willing to help you learn and adjust to the requirements of the guild. After these 30 days and if you had positive feedback on your trial then you will be tagged as a full member. During your trial you will earn DKP and may loot items in concordance with the guild’s DKP rules.

In Game Contact:
Guild leader :- Purrfection (;tell antonius.purrfection)
Recruitment officers :- Yinla (;tell antonius.yinla) Glymmer (;tell antonius.glymmer) & Horgarth (;tell antonius.horgarth)


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