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Grannus of the Cleansing Steam

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--- Quote from: Zare on February 02, 2016, 02:21:37 AM ---pointers for achieves?

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If you can try to get a huge melee DPS group (caster DPS gets boned by the reflects and stuff iirc), and just max burn through the entire event, if you can burn the event in like 30 seconds (tank can just deflection / fortitude and spam ae aggro) you will get every achievement

Was able to park in SW corner down below (opposite side of where Jerril spawns). Only had 2 adds arrgo over here, which made the event much easier. Duo'd with Shammy/Pally. DPS slowed down ~50% when he put up some spell resistance, but after it wore down, just burned him. Adds de-popped when named dead.


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