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Grannus of the Cleansing Steam

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any one offer some pointers?
 i can only get him to 90 and he only spawn one around 95% so he may pop more?? but im thinking its just the one unicorn that has an aura  around it as it circles the room. (strat says 2 mobs spawn).if you get close to the unicorn or try and hit it you get knocked back.. so more or less leave the unicorn alone you cant damage it in any way.. nor dose keeping the unicorns aura from touching the named or any of the group helps in any way. it seems you cant take the mob in to the hallways he just warps back to the center area where the unicorn romes..

thats all iv got for my late night shot at it ... any one add to this it would be great..

any one have any idea how to kill Defeat Grannus of the Cleansing Steam. we can only take him to 97%

we only used high dps to kill him before but last time i did mobs spawned and locked him until we killed all mobs. Later i was told that melee dps is best for that mission.

pointers for achieves?


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