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The Tower of Frozen Shadow Keys

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Correct name for first key dropper is "a large frost-bitten gnoll." It spawns immediately after ph is killed. Same spawn mechanic was seen for angrier librarian too.

Key to the 5th floor is actually:

Kill restless mummy's until you get the emote:
 - A restless mummy's corpse drops to the ground as you see a spirit where it stood. Startled, the spirit floats quickly through a wall towards the center of the maze.
Kill An ascendant adventurer in the middle of the maze, you'll get the emote:
 - An ascendant adventurer's corpse dissipates. You hear a scraping of metal and ice coming from below you.
Drop down the trap near by, kill a rusty armor. You'll get the emote:
 - A rusty armor's corpse falls to the ground and out of it oozes the ectoplasm of a once lost spirit. Within it, you can see a key.
Kill the A heroic ectoplasm that spawns there, you get the Key of Disdain.

It does drop off the named currently but likely isn't supposed to.

Key of Regret on 6th floor is like the rest of the floors. Murder every thing until you get the emote:

[Wed Dec 18 23:30:58 2019] A golem usher's corpse falls to the ground. As it shatters upon the floor, you hear the sound of footsteps prancing in rhythm.
A Furious Choreographer spawns in the First room to the right from Port up Mirror.

[Wed Dec 18 23:34:54 2019] A furious choreographer's corpse twirls one final twirl before falling to the ground. You hear the sound of instruments being tuned from upstairs.
An Enraged Composer spawns up the stairs on the balcony.

[Wed Dec 18 23:38:54 2019] A maid of honor shouts, 'Who keeps ruining the bride's special day! I will have your skull as a wedding gift!'
Maid of Honor spawns in the Blood pool

For the Key to Floor 7 (Key of Repudiation)

Kill "a drolvarg guard" until you get the emote below:
[Mon Dec 23 15:21:25 2019] A drolvarg guard's corpse crumples to the ground. It's weapon creating a loud clang as it strikes the floor.

This will spawn "a restless shade" in the Northwest room right next to the throne in the middle of that room.
Killing it results in this emote:
[Mon Dec 23 15:30:29 2019] A restless shade's corpse falls. As it does, you hear a loud cackling coming from somewhere else on this floor.

This spawns the "a shadow beast necromancer" on the second half of Floor 6 (past the first mirror). There should be 3 "a shadow beast necromancer" spawns up, you will want the newest one. It is also the furthest north of the 3 spawns.

Kill it to receive your key.


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