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Queen Dracnia

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can confirm: drops Web Encrusted Necklace :)

Correction on spawn conditions. This is a normal named in that you kill the placeholder and have a chance at named on next spawn cycle unlike what the previous comment states.
Placeholder is in the far back section, pher is a drachnid, the type of drachnid can variate. It will sometimes spawn as "a crystal purifier" or "a drachnid retainer." Location is -373, +491, -562.

The spawn is strange in that the placeholder/named will sometimes spawn in the center of the ice platform and then path over to underneath the web or sometimes spawn directly underneath the web.

Mob is NOT considered undead for any Paladins out there.

Side note: I noticed this after the kill, the drachnid in the adjacent room did not respawn when I got the Queen to pop, I had killed both prior to Queen spawning.

Second side note lol: The drachnid in the adjacent room respawned shortly after the kill "a crystal lurker." The rest of the room was well repopped like the spiders when I continued killing after the Queen kill.
I wasn't keeping very good track on the timers for this one specifically so maybe it doesn't have anything to do with Queen spawn.

Respawn timer is roughly 13 minutes.


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