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Basic Serverwide chat channels...


Newbies: serverwide.eqlive:TNZ
 BRD: serverwide.bards:bards
 BST: serverwide.beastlords:beastlords
 BER: serverwide.berserker:berserker
 CLR: serverwide.cleric:cleric
 ENC: serverwide.enchanter:enchanter
 MAG: serverwide.magicians:fluffy
 SHM: serverwide.crucible:crucible
 WAR: serverwide.thesteelwarrior:thesteelwarrior
 WIZ: serverwide.graffe:graffe, eqwizards:eqwizards
 Tradeskills: serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders

And of course Serverwide.EQresource:eqresource

If anyone has the missing class channels, please chime in!

PAL: serverwide.paladins:paladins

Are these right?
DRU: serverwide.druidsgrove:password
MNK: serverwide.monkly:business
NEC: serverwide.necrotalk:necrotalk
RNG: serverwide.outrider:outrider
ROG: serverwide.rogue:rogue


--- Quote from: Innania on June 12, 2013, 11:19:43 PM --- Tradeskills: serverwide.eqtraders:extraders

--- End quote ---
that's serverwide.eqtraders:eqtraders...

and they're all listed on the EQ forums:


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