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December 5, 2023 - Laurion's Song Launches
« on: December 05, 2023, 12:32:28 AM »
Laurion's Song Launches!

Getting There
To get there you can click on the Door in The Plane of Tranquility, the door is on the Beach between the Plane of Health/Nightmare area and the Plane of Innovation. Clicking on the Door zones you into Laurion Inn.
The Guild Hall portal takes you to Laurion Inn where you can buy your Spells and Teleports.
The Teleports take you to Laurion Inn.
The Premium item port is to Laurion Inn.

There is a Map Pack up so you can grab those.

Alternate Personas
The big Feature of the expansion are Alternate Personas.
-Daybreak has an FAQ up containing common questions about the feature.

The Expansion is standard stuff that the previous few have done, with no locked zones this time.

-Weapons have gotten a Large Upgrade for Laurion's Song, to where melee will replace any pre-LS ones with Group Weapons.
-There is a new Evolving Neck item this year, Subdued Collar of Legacies Lost, that drops from The Hero's Forge Mission, Heroes Are Forged or The Pal'Lomen Mission, Final Fugue.
-To go with the new Evolver, there are new Stat Type 18 and 19 Augs that share a lore group with the ToV ones. The Group ones come from Rares and Missions while the Raid ones are in Raid Chests.
-The Ore system for Tradeskill Armor is the same as NoS
-There is a new set of Mercenary Gear in Laurion's Song

Call of Hero Rings
There are 2 new Rings in The Hero's Forge Found and Lost.
--You can only have one of these rings at a time, flipping between the quests requires you to turn in your current ring.
--You need to be close to someone with the opposite ring to link together, linking together is permanent until you re-link with someone else.
--Re-linking to someone else just requires that your linked Partner is out the the zone, then you can re-initiate a link with a new Character.
--Clicking on a Ring while in the same zone as your linked Partner ports you directly onto them, it has a 10 Second Cast time and a 30 Minute Reuse.

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