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If there is something you would like to see added or changed, please make a new topic. Put the name of the program in the title:

--- Quote ---[GamParse]
--- End quote ---

and a short description of your request:

--- Quote ---[GamLogSplitter] Option to split off only Fights.
--- End quote ---

In the post, please describe in detail what you would like to see:

--- Quote ---I have a lot of large, archived logfiles that I keep only for the fights. I would like to be able to save only the lines related to fights and eliminate all non-fight-related lines, much like the "strip chat" option in GamParse removes chat when saving a fight, but for the entire log file, not just one fight at a time.
--- End quote ---

and give your reasons, (they may not always be obvious):

--- Quote ---This would allow people to save hard drive space when archiving a large number of logfiles.
--- End quote ---

We will try to accommodate any reasonable request. Please keep in mind that we are limited by what is contained in the EQ log files, that means if EQ doesn't output it into the log file, (like other players' pet procs), we can't do anything about that.

Additionally, while we are keeping GamTextTriggers available for download for those who still use it, development has ended for this program and there will be no new features added or changed. We suggest that anyone still using GTT migrate to GINA

Make sure you follow the Forum Rules.


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