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Gamparse TBL and YOU


As most of you should know by now, and doubly so for those who have been on Beta, current versions of GamParse will not correctly read log files. I tried to have an update ready before TBL launch, but it didn't happen.

The last live patch introduced the new healing output, but the update I made ( mostly just hid the errors rather than actually fixed them.

Once TBL goes live however, nearly all parsing will break. You won't get error messages, but it should be fairly obvious that things are not parsing correctly. And just to be perfectly, painfully clear: Even if it LOOKS like it is working correctly, IT ISN'T. THE DAMAGE/HEAL VALUES YOU SEE WILL BE WRONG.

Over the last month I've been rewriting almost all of the parsing functions, as well as changing many of the core data structures to hold extra information. Not to mention cleaning up the code, fixing some long standing issues, and other enhancements and improvements.

While a good portion of this is related to TBL changes, a not insignificant portion is also aimed at increasing speed parsing large files. I can't promise a huge improvement as it really depends how dense the file is. (By "dense" I mean number of fights and the amount of parsable information).

As an example: My 1.73GB test file with 15,359 fights takes ~25.7 minutes to load in, and currently loads in 23.2 minutes with my test build, which is about a 10.5% improvement. Since I'm not finished this may not reflect the final results.

Additionally it should be noted that parsing older logs like my test file will be slower than parsing newer files since some of the optimizations favor new logs. Since you can't parse new files with the old parser I can't give you a speed comparison. (If someone can provide me with a log file of a specific raid prior to last patch, and a NEW log file after TBL launch of the SAME raid fight, I can use that as a comparison).

Suffice to say that when I'm done it should be great, but it's not done yet.


I am aware of the issues and I'm working on it. I don't have an ETA when it will be ready, but expect a test/beta version Soon(tm).


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