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Q1: I can't see any fights in GamParse!

A1: If you are on a progression server (or just low level) you need to adjust the minimum value to something lower. This setting ignores fights with less damage than the value in the box. The default value is 100,000. The minimum value is 1, but setting it higher is recommended. You can change this by going to Settings > General and changing the value in the "Discard if less than" box.

Note: Changing this setting will only affect new fights. You must reload the log after saving the change to see older fights.

Q2: I get a popup that says "Error Checking for Manual Update."

A2: This means it could not contact and check for updates. If you are using GamParse (or earlier) this message is because EQResource changed from http to https and old versions of GP are looking for http. Update to the current version and you should be fine. If you ARE using the current version, don't worry about it.

Q3: I just updated Windows 10 and now GamParse won't start!

A3: Microsoft is a terrible company. GamParse uses a Microsoft program called ClickOnce to install itself. Windows 10 updates break this every so often. Uninstalling and reinstalling GamParse should fix this.

Q4: Uninstalling and Reinstalling didn't work. GamParse still won't start!

A4: Microsoft is a really terrible company. Gamparse isn't digitally signed (costs money I don't want to pay) which means when you run it the first time Windows is supposed to ask your permission to start, but Microsoft broke that and it isn't asking, it's just silently preventing it from launching.

A temporary fix is to disable the app checker. In Windows go to Start > Smartscreen > App & Browser control > Check apps and files > off. (It should be on warn, but this setting is apparently broken...).

Once it is off you should be able to start GamParse. Then you can go back and change the setting back to "warn" and everything should work normally. Once you do it the first time, you shouldn't have to mess with the setting again.

Q5: When I try to install GamParse I get a popup that says "Application cannot be started." If I click "Details" I get a huge scary error message that starts with "PLATFORM VERSION INFO"!

A5: Microsoft is a really, *really* terrible company. This is caused by a corrupted install via ClickOnce. You will need to delete the files for the program and reinstall. The files are located in:


Inside this folder will be other folders with garbage names. Look inside each one for folders related to GamParse and delete them. Anything GamParse related will start with "gamp."



The folders have random names so they will not be the same as those examples. Just delete anything that starts with "gamp" and reinstall.

Q6: I did everything else, still problems!
A6: If all else fails, try downloading the standalone .exe and using that. It doesn't use ClickOnce so any of those problems should be eliminated. However, it ALSO won't auto-update when there is a new version, (but it *should* notify you), and it ALSO won't check your system for prerequisites like .NET Frameworks, so if you're running older Frameworks it will fail to start rather than prompt you to download it.


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