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Had heartstone drop from a crumbling cliff golem.

This is NOT an easy quest, the mobs for the final hail and kill are deep in Charassis, past many see invis mobs, you need to go south through the zone to get east, when you get to the room of the hail mob, it has 4 SI golems close to each other and a roamer to get past.

Highly suggest having a full group and killing your way through the zone, too many see invis to sneak through much, highly suggest having crowd control. The final mob kill is not difficult, trash mob difficulty, it's just getting to the mob that's hard.

If you can get a COTH across all or even part of the zone toward final hail mob, it sure helps.

Cielli wasn't kidding, it took me 4 hours today to complete this task, 3 hours 50 mins to get to an Arisen Convert and 10 mins to complete the task and I lost count of how many times my characters died.
I have a group of alts parked there as I have one more character who needs to do the task...

"random npc" needs to be a dark elf npc. guy that worked for me was "indicator vitali" down by the water


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