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Trial of Three

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They do not invis, so get everyone into the room before engage and blind wont be a problem (assuming you picked the right mob).

 with no fear of appearing weak nor need to appear strong, brings with it a modest weapon.' - [middle of its room w/ rapier]

That is partially incorrect.
The Mob can be anywhere in room, Not reserved to Middle.
Ive just run it and he was in the front of room with Rapier.

Some of the riddles depend on knowing what element a room is. North room is Fire, west room is Water, and south room is Earth.

These trials are so disappointing for the boxer without isboxer or something like it. I hope the next expansion does not venture anywhere near something like these.

My understanding of Trial of 3 achievement "Three at Once" is that you have 1 minute after killing first boss to kill second boss, and after that, you have another minute to kill third boss, and finally you have 1 minute to open the chest. We did this, but even so we didn't get the achievement.


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