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Cryo-caverns COMPLETED!

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So Vinney's volcano was so impressive, I felt the need to make something like that in my guild's neighborhood. However, mine is a cave.

It was mostly to take up a 60-slot yard up front so the neighborhood didn't seem as desolate. I was also partly inspired by the caves in Skyrim... there's a rather... sinister feel to the place.

There is a way in, but nothing is inside atm. Again I am going to utilize Vinney's darkness effect for faraway objects. I'm not making a void, but I want to create a sense of depth and vastness that I was so impressed by in his Twilight zone house :D
(hint: look for a marker on a tree and the way in is near)

I also re-built the fairy tale castle into a more castle-like place. It's on the fourth cliff property in the market area. It's blue!

Love the pool area....damn....going to have to rework some things....great Idea!!!!

what server village?

Oh, my apologies... all of my homes are in Dread Empire Village on Bertoxx.

I wanted to get this a little more completed before the "bragging stage," but Vinney decided to share this with the forum... no biggie ^_^

But here's the so-called "endless pool." There will be more sparklies and crystals upon the completion.

And here's the close-up

I was inspired by Skyrim and their platforms around rocks over water... BTW if you guys have/play Skyrim and enjoy housing... Hearthfire is kinda fun, you get to build your own house from scratch and adopt children!


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