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The Head of the Snake

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Request Phrase: another trip
Zone-in: skull on table

Task Steps:
Search the Crypt of Sul for Bokon Maru 0/1 Crypt of Sul (N room, the primary large room at the top of map with "throne")
**updates as soon as you enter the room
Kill Bokon Maru 0/1 (straight kill, no adds and we were lazy again)
Open Chest 0/1 (Loot: Strifetorn Faceguard + spells)

Task locked upon requested.

You just need to kill a lot of trash to get to him. Once fighting Bokon Maru he does spawn 2 adds ever 30 seconds. So burn him fast

Mahlah Tohsis:
that was no straight kill lol.  "aspect of life washes over you" then soon after 2 x dark blue cons spawn ... then "aspect of decay washes over you" then 2 more dark blue cons ... Oh, and the named was full healed when the aspect of life washed ...


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