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Heals with cure component are bad, group cures a bad.  Single target disease cure is used to change the debuff type I am told.  I am still working on the task myself.

Alright, as some have stated already, NO group cures at all. That means no heals with cure components, No druid aura, ect. You use single target Die cure only in this, and only if it's needed!

First achievement> Do not cure the small dot in this. It's one of the achievements. It is really weak in the group mission so their is no need to cure it at all. If you cure this your taking a chance of accidentally curing the buff that gets you the achievement.

Tanking her > She has an anti-summon tanking mechanic. This means if your tank gets to far away from her, She will spam a DD on the tank until they are dead or back in range. I think this was suppose to be melee range however it's a little buggy. Sometimes she will Nuke the tank anyway even when your still in melee range.
Pro Tip> Have the tank get on her platform and use a mount. The mount stops the pushback from being hit and thus your tank will never get DT'ed. You can do it without a mount as well but tank has to really stay on top of moving forward after every couple hits.

If your just looking to beat this then it's quite simple. It helps to have 2 tanks for this weither your going for the achievements or not. Or a good ranger. One tank stay on her the hole time, the other tanks gathers the adds to blow them up. Tank and spank her down to 56% then everyone needs to run downstairs fast. She will summon the tank down with her, so the tank stays up top. Once down below, Burn her hard, saving your biggest Booms for after 35%. At 35%, both tanks need to hit Deflection! You never know which of the 3 de-buffs you will get at this time, including the one hit from a mob and your dead one. So to ensure the tanks don't die right away in case they get that one, pop deflection just to be safe. If they do get that de-buff then quickly single target cure them until they have the anti-dps one. Finish burning her down for the win.

Achievement #2 = Bring a pet class for this one, it's very easy. Have the pet owner suspend their good pet and summon a very low level pet. Like level 10-40ish. The lower the level, the better the chance it will get charmed. It does not matter if the pet is undead or not, that's a load of crap. It just has to be a normal pet, not a swarm pet, even the druid bear works! The pet should get charmed in the first 2-3 min or less, if it did not that's because your using to high level pet or just got really unlucky and the pet resisted it.

Achievement #3 = 3 for 1. This one can be a bit of a pain, but it's actually really easy if you bring the correct group. which is 2 tanks, one healer, rest dps. However, one of those DPS needs to play Kiter for a short while.

When going for this achievement just do normal / slow dps to her at the start. First tank is taking her the hole time. place your 2nd tank right at the hallway entrance that leads down to the basement. That will be your Bokon tank, he needs to stop all bokon in the hall from getting into the room and try to pile all 3 on top of each other, or as close as you can at least.

Now when the first goo pops, Have one of your dps / kiter classes get agroo on it and either A. Kite it around the room or B. just off tank it off to the side of the tunnel a little bit. When the 2nd goo spawns, which will happen before you have 3 bokons, you can either A. have your MT on her pick it up and just hold it for a little bit, or again have one of your dps classes pick it up and off tank it or kite it. At this point, all 3 bokons will be up, just have 1 of the goo kiters take their goo to the 3 bokons and blow them up. Then have your Bokon off tank go pick up the 1 Goo that is left and resume normal add duty. Resume DPS and beat it like normal from that point.

You can get all 3 achievements in one run, it's not that hard as long as everyone does their job correctly. Keep in mind, the goo's will spawn downstairs and warp up after a little bit, the Off tank or kiters need to grab them quickly once they warp up. Don't let them kill your healers or run to the bokon off tank and set off the Boom to early. Their are many ways to do this, but we never fail doing it this way.

The De-buffs> Their are 3 of them and everyone will one of 3 at 35%. One will kill you if you get hit even once by a mob- this is the worst one. Pretty much everyone should cure this one. The 2nd one doesn't allow anyone to heal you. this one is bad for the tanks, but is actually the best one to have for melee dps. You melee dps should not be taking any damage anyway. Some people will say the one hit one is better for dps but it's really not. I have died way more times to the stupid one hit dead one than the no heal one. The 3rd de-buff makes you do no dps, this one is best for the healers / tanks.

No mattter what you do, you will have to have one of the 3 on you, cure it until you have the one you want then leave it alone. the 3 just cycle, their is no way to not get any of them. If you get lucky, you won't have to cure at all. Again, tanks needs to pop deflection at 35% just in case they get the anti-tanking one and cure it fast. The rest really doesn't matter. DPS can finish the fight with the heal or anti-tank one, healers want the anti-tank one or anti-heal one(This does not mean you can't heal, it means YOU can't be healed), and the tanks want the anti-dps one.


Odd I didn't get the pet charm ACH.

2 SK's both with a level 30/40 skelly. Nada. No charm or ACH.

Had them attack Lady early on .... didn't pay much attention to them once the porting up and down started.

Anything u need to do with the pets?


--- Quote from: Elderam on September 30, 2016, 06:32:14 PM ---Odd I didn't get the pet charm ACH.

2 SK's both with a level 30/40 skelly. Nada. No charm or ACH.

Had them attack Lady early on .... didn't pay much attention to them once the porting up and down started.

Anything u need to do with the pets?

--- End quote ---

When go for these achievements, we try to not do any mechanics until the main 2 are done (pet charm and bokon one), so you don't pop any mechanics until they are done, then go about event like normal.

Anashti Sul healed at 2% health up to 7%.


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