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Task of Trust: Culling the Unreasonable

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Citizens were in NE part of zone.  Flesh were scattered throughout for us

most things here are great but... the instructions for step 2, the decomposed flesh are *halfling*... basically these bad boys  pop on the pit ramps... they share place holders with the undead frogs and some citizen mob... they don't seem to pop in the buildings (icould be wrong). if you dont see any up just kill all the mobs on the ramps down to the pit... they will (in a cycle or 2) pop to the right mobs... the ones in the pit, under the pit or above the pit dont give updates.. just the guys on the ramps..

Step 2 = Kill the citizens and frog mobs on the platforms the ramps lead to on the way down to the pit , not on the ramps themselves. Repeat this process until the flesh spawns.

Rampant or Reckless monstrosities as well as Rotbother all spawn in the graveyard area


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