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Zorglim the Dead

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He cast two abilities when I killed him, Horrifying Visage and Restless Ice.

[Tue May 12 03:13:11 2020] Zorglim the Dead begins casting Horrifying Visage.
[Tue May 12 03:13:11 2020] You are terrified.
[Tue May 12 03:13:16 2020] You have taken 104367 damage from Horrifying Visage by Zorglim the Dead.


[Tue May 12 03:14:01 2020] Zorglim the Dead begins casting Restless Ice.
[Tue May 12 03:14:01 2020] Restless Ice enters your veins.
[Tue May 12 03:14:05 2020] You have taken 38800 damage from Restless Ice by Zorglim the Dead.

I didn't have any problem with Zorglim summoning adds, maybe the player who had that problem was using some area effect spells / songs which caused adds to come...


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