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Slave Driver Thokk


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Denial Sinfae:
/G Slave Driver Thokk in 791s, 32311k @40849dps

/G Slave Driver Thokk in 797s, 61481k @77141dps

Both of these runs, he emotes:

[Sun Apr 06 01:59:54 2014] You mortals waste my time! I'll smother you with my fists. Graaaaah!

He turned red, started roid-raging with his emotes and rampage and began to heal very quickly back to 100%.

Easy fight, just has a DPS requirement at around the 780s (or 13 minute) mark.

Regular fight emotes were:

[Sun Apr 06 02:28:17 2014] Slave Driver Thokk coils up his whip and aims for your head.  You should duck.

[Sun Apr 06 02:28:26 2014] Slave Driver Thokk's whip passes harmlessly overhead.

They hit everyone on his hate list.  He has a pull you in lurch type ability, and single target rampage.

Denial Sinfae:
Server just reset...  Irate Slave Driver is PH for him.  Roams same path.

FYI, the aug is on a separate loot table from the main loot - meaning you will get one of the non-aug pieces of loot, and then a loot table that is either nothing or the aug.


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