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The Tower of Frozen Shadow Keys

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6th Floor key mob seems to only be a golem, so kill golems having a kotkey with /tar # will target the golem that will spawn the key cycle mobs

Can confirm that /TAR # works on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th  floor. A couple of gotchas and tips though.

A) /tar # will target any named mobs up too instead of the key trigger. Kill the named first.
B) just because /tar # doesnt work from the start of the floor, it doesn't mean the mob isn't up. Try wandering the floor a bit. On at least 1 occasion the trigger mob was in the far northeast corner of the floor and from the start of the floor I was not close enough to hit it with /tar #.
C) Having a tracker who understands how to keep their /track sorted by reverse spawn order will immediately make it clear when you trigger a mob.


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