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The Hills Are Alive

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--- Quote from: Iron on January 16, 2014, 12:38:23 AM ---Step 1: •Speak with Oracle Udwoona to see if you can assist her 0/1 (The Dead Hills)

+4 marks of valor

--- End quote ---

Updated, thanks!

Did this as one of the "daily" tasks with my 101 necro and 98 bard. Fetid Fungus was casting necro spells up to lvl 104 on me. Including Mind Extraction, Dreadful Shriek and Mamat's Swift Deconstruction. Never had trouble w this mob before.

Denial Sinfae:
If you get the Krags key part, there's a chance the key will be on a mob that is under the world. Cannot complete the task. I have had it happen multiple times and track it to a spot with bard.

Search the northern homes for the source of a terrible smell. Killed High Infectioner for update. 35 Alternate coin and exp


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