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The room indicated for Step 3 is incorrect.  It is actually the room Southwest of what is currently marked.

As commented above, if you get bugged on Step 4, drop ONE group member from the group and task, gate back to the Overthere, and have that individual grab task on his own.  Campfire back to the group, and he can update Step 4 by moving into the room (no need to redo any prior steps).  He can now drop his individual task, and be readded to the group and task.

What a PITA.  Daybreak needs to fix this.

Step #3 may not be updated until "the Crypt Keepers" pops in the room and kill it.
Then it will update after a while for me.
So, basically Step #3 and #4 updated at the same time.

Is it still bugged? Before last patch, I never got the mobs to depop and spawn the crypt keepers.
Don't really want to re-attempt if it is still bugged.

BTW, I tried the workaround and it didn't work for me.

Still BUGGED. Crypt Keepers do NOT spawn when you enter room and work-around doesn't work. Cannot get the task after having been in it.

I've cleared both rooms twice and nada.

There are 3 crypts, not 2. In addition to the two rooms marked by '2', the Crypt Keepers can also spawn in the room next to them with the two '+' shaped pillars.


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