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Principal Vicarum Nonia


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Camping her now.. will post a final update, got here at 9PM EST, been clearing PH's as soon as they spawn, not one namer spawn so far.

Not a hard camp. Tricy to get to if you don't know your way, or how to maneuver and fade past all the brooms. We camped in the hall directly north of the room, in the northeast corner. Easy pulls, they have small radius. Been constant pulling the PH's since 9PM EST, it is now 10:45PM. Will post an [EDIT] when I get it to spawn.

~11:50PM EST: Principal spawns. She dies. She drops the Ring. /wrists, not even an Essence :/
~12:55AM EST: Principal spawns. Drops my aug, yay.

so from 9PM to 1AM to get my aug. not horrid.


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