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The Fereth

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We found a forge at -575, -1225. It is the circle in the exact middle of the zone (enter from the north).
 When we killed a mob inside, it dropped the draconic ore.

The necklace appeared on the cursor of a random group member but NOT the quest leader. When that char handed in the necklace the bundled appeared on the cursor of the quest leader who was still in Gorowyn but NOT on the cursor of the char who handed in the necklace. Confusing if you aren't expecting that.

step 2, for us the mob was a Fereth Lord. He stopped fighting and returned to his spawn spot. Group member went thru dialog. Mob said....We are building a {new sort} of armor. On saying new sort, he attacked. He picked up a roamer on his path back to camp. On his death got Cryptic plans.

Unlike most quests, you can pre-loot the Draconic Ore and the Scrap of Cloth to save yourself a couple of annoying trips across skyfire


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