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wtb protip to get this silly dragon to give me the task. i'm done with all the prerequisites. i've tried moving all around her. getting up on a mount. levitating. checked my spelling. spamming the request phrase enough times that one of the afk foragers even told me to knock it off. halp.

The Prerequisites are incorrect. These are not completely known at the moment.

****Requirements: Level 85, Burning Curiosity, The Reclusive Collector and The Keeper's Ring

As stated above, that isn't enough.

With that said, I did all the other hero tasks before doing the 3 Argin tasks, and that made me able to request it. (had 1 toon only do the Argin 3 tasks).

The only task, that was additionally complete in Cotf was the DE illusion Neriak task.

Hope that helps some slacker alts.


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