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Ethernere Tainted West Karana Overview


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My stragety of overlaping tasks in this zone.

Quest Giver: Tunguska

We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches  -SW overlapes  Answering the Call

No Time for Bandits - N or E -  overlaps Answering the Call

Never Succumb to Fear -S - overlapes Not of This World

Get Feral  - W or central - Overlaps Overcoming the Cataclysm

Feel the Burn! - west or central - overlaps Not of This World

Bash Them on the Head - SE - overlapes

Quest Giver: Guard Jacobson
Overcoming the Cataclysm - central
overlaps - Central
             Get Feral
             Feel the Burn!

•Commander Galenth
Not of This World -  East and South
overlapes - East and South
              Never Succumb to Fear
              Feel the Burn!
              No Time for Bandits - N or E -

Quest Giver: Guard Wagsley
Answering the Call - SW and E
overlapes -  SW and E
             We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches  -
             No Time for Bandits - N or E - 

Thanks very much STARTREK41!


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