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--- Quote from: Bamsefar on October 31, 2014, 06:07:21 AM ---Kill 5 Elite Guards 0/5 (Degmar, the Lost Castle) - should remove this - as its only 5 guards you need to kill.

--- End quote ---

Since it is an HA it can have different parts in each step, is this elite guard never a step possible?

Seems to be bugging a lot where you cant kill the commander

The Kill 5 Digger version of this HA is currently bugged, and the Commanders health will lock at 25% health when you try to kill him the second time in the jail.  FFS SOE, fix your game!

When you first attack the Commander, he will run off to the Prison area. If you have DoT's on home, he will summon you down there once he resets. That new spot has 3 guards + Commander, which are easy to pull out 2 at a time just by casting on a mob once you get set in new area.


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