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This event is fairly simple up until the encounter with Captain Gurshock, and if done correctly isn't too terrible.

After hailing Captain Gurshock, the scripted event starts,  her guards will all start attacking the priestess, while Captain Gurshock stands alone. (And she is leashed) 

Best composition for this (And for timed achievement), is the following In my opinion:

Cleric (Or baller  Shaman)
Mage or Necro (Pet used to offtank Guards)
Warrior, Paladin, Or Shadowknight (Used to Tank Captain)
Wiz (Or Wiz Merc)
Wiz (Or Wiz merc)
Wiz (Or cleric merc if you need added healing)

The reason I chose this setup and not melee dps is the fact that summoned pet tanks cannot keep a mob off a melee, but can off a ranged dps.

For the first steps in this task (4, 5, 4 on the guards ), use small recast delay burns (20 min maximum re-use - make sure you will have all burns up for final fight with Captain) 

Be Quick on your hails

When you do the hail on Captain Gurshock, have your dps team and mage/necro in place  prior.

Setting up the dps, pet classes, an cleric to the left wall of Priestess seemed to work best. (Do this quickly)

Hail Captain with the War, Pal, or SK.

All 5 guards rush to attack the Priestess,  Captain stays in place.

Have the tank pull the captain back towards the priestess a bit to be in line of sight for the cleric and tank her there.

Send in Mage or Necro pet on 1 guard at a time, Pop burns.

Rinse repeat until all guards are dead.

Finish off Captain


From the chest in this mission today: Miniature Pick of Destruction

Medal of the Commander
Valiant plate Chest Ornament


--- Quote from: Jehmal on December 15, 2014, 04:43:37 PM ---From the chest in this mission today: Miniature Pick of Destruction

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: sylfvia on December 15, 2014, 05:00:27 PM ---Medal of the Commander
Valiant plate Chest Ornament

--- End quote ---

Added, thanks!


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