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Neplin the Oceanlord


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Casts Ebonwing's Curse every 30 seconds.

1: Decrease Hitpoints by 40000 per tick
2: Increase Corruption counter by 50
Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View
Mana:   0   Casting Time:   Instant
Recast Time:   0   Fizzle Time:   0
Resist:   Chromatic [Lowest]   Resist Adjust:   -990
Range:   300   Location:   Any
Time of Day:   Any   Dispellable:   No
Interruptable:   No   Short Buff Box:   No
Target Type:   Single   Spell Type:   Detrimental
Category:   Unknown(0)   Source:   Live 11/17
Cast on you: You feel your blood being corrupted!
Cast on other: Soandso 's body succumbs to corruption.
Effect Fades: The corruption subsides.
Game Description
Deals 40000 damage every 6 seconds for 18 secs (3 ticks). This effect can be cured by removing 50 corruption counters.

Neplin the Oceanlord drops Tideworn Gloves.


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