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December 6, 2022 - Night of Shadows Launch
« on: December 06, 2022, 02:07:04 PM »
The Night of Shadows Launches!

Getting There
To get there you can go through the Cave in Terror of Luclin's Umbral Plains, this will lead you to the starting zone Firefall Pass. The Guild Hall portal takes you to Shar Vahl, Divided where you can buy your Spells and Teleports. The Teleports take you to Shadeweaver's Tangle. The Premium item port is to Ruins of Shadow Haven.

There is a Map Pack up, including the new Cave in Umbral Plains to get to Night of Shadows Zones

Tradeskill Depot
The big Feature of the expansion is the Tradeskill Depot.
-Inside of it you can place stackable tradeable tradeskill items, these can be stacked up to 99,999 per item.
-You have to be at a Bank to add or remove items from this
-You can use items from this at Tradeskill Containers for combines
-Like Overseer all characters on a Server can make use of the items in this
-This mostly only works with Known Recipes and not Experiment Recipes, those still need to be done manually
-There is a Guild Version, but Night of Shadows won't launch with this
-The Guild Version is supposed to be a purchase for to unlock when it launches in the future.
-The Personal Version is 250-490 slots depending on which Expansion Tier you have purchased. It is supposed to cost 499 DBC to add 20 slots to it, to a Max of 5000 Slots.

The Zones Deepshade and Darklight Caverns are locked behind When One Door Closes. This mission is needed to open the Door to get into Deepshade to continue on. Someone on the Server must have also done the Deepshade Partisans and talk to the Spirit next to the Darklight Caverns Zone Line to clear the Rocks to Click the Door to Zone In.
-Otherwise the rest of the Expansion is standard stuff that the previous few have done
-There was an 8th zone created for Night of Shadows, Hollowshade Moor, however it was not able to be completed in time, maybe a future release?

-There is a new Evolving Back piece item this year, Lucent Cloak of the Selenelion, that drops from the Ruins of Shadow Haven Mission, When One Door Closes.
-To go with the new Evolver, there are 4 new Stat Type 19 Augs as well that are tradeskill made from a piece that drops randomly off Raid Trash.
-The Ore system for Tradeskill Armor has changed this Expansion as well, now instead of a General Ore that can do everything, it is slot based items Apparitional pieces for Raid and Otherworldly pieces for Group
-The Darklight Caverns Mercenary Quests offer Faction to earn that can be pre-farmed for turn ins, these give some nice items if you are willing to run any combination of them 45 total times.
--21 Times = Great Tiger Spirit Familiar, a Pet Metamorph, you can flip between the 3 NPC models on the item itself
--31 Times = Spirit Drinker's Coating, an upgrade to the CotF Blood Drinker's Coating
--45 Times = Valia's Unyielding Bravery, an 8 Counter 100% Melee/DD/DoT absorb

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Re: December 6, 2022 - Night of Shadows Launch
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2022, 07:50:32 AM »
This expansion is "hard as Chinese math ", the trash mob has about "a gazillion hit points, and the name has an "unlimited supply " of HPTS to make the fight last a "lifetime". I explored PALUDAL DEPTHS and this zone is PC on steroids X2. I fell off the pathway with Levi on and I could not climb back up. Does anyone remember the "old skol PALUDAL??, well be prepared for a Death swarm if u aggro something. I tried to request "When One Door Closes", and could not do so. I ask a top-end Raider to do so, and the same results occurred.  Eqresource, it does not say if a requirement has to be done, I checked Allakazam, and other sites and there is NO reference to any mission or quest to be done to request this Access mission. The teleporter will take u to Shadeweaver's Tangle, but watch out for the Golems just down the pathway, they see invis and the guards do not help, in fact, I had five (5) guards beating on the group.