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Research (350)


EQResource Achievements:
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RESEARCH (53 combine per skill up)
Level  Name            amount
1-4    Raw Stiff Hide  x12
5-9    Raw Crude Hide  x22
10-14  Raw Rough Hide  x25
15-19  Raw hide        x29
20- 24 Raw Fine Hide   x46
25- 29 Raw Supple Hide x30
30-34  Raw Runic Hide  x39
35-39  Raw Fine Runic Hide x28
40-44  Raw Supple Runic Hide X24
45-49  Raw Fine Supple Runic Hide x31
50 Grubby Crude Spell Scroll X9 
51 Shabby Rough Spell Scroll X10
52 Grimy Spell Scroll X17       
53 Shabby Fine Spell Scroll X10 
54 Dirty Runic Spell Scroll X21   
55 Stained Fine Runic Spell Scroll X44
56 Smudged Rough Papyrus X25 
57 Grimy Papyrus X16         
58 Grubby Fine Papyrus X36   
59 Dirty Runic Papyrus X17     
60 Sooty Fine Runic Papyrus X54   
61 Used Parchment x57           
62 Grubby Fine Parchment X53   
63 Shabby Vellum Parchment x52   
64 Grimy Fine Vellum Parchment x53 
65 Smudged Runic Parchment x89       
66 Grimy Fine Runic Parchment x65     
67 Dirty Vellum x59                     
68 Grubby Fine Vellum x77
69 Shabby Runic Vellum x88 
70 Sooty Fine Runic Vellum x103
71 Smudged Rough Paper x72
72 Sooty Paper x54
73 Sooty Fine Paper x60
74 Smudged Runic Paper x60 -68 
75 Stained Fine Runic Paper x59 
76 Smudged Rough Charta Arcanum x70
77 Sooty Charta Arcanum x64
78 Sooty Fine Charta Arcanumx74
79 Smudged Runic Charta Arcanum x64
80 Sooty Fine Charta Arcanumx x64
81 Smudged Rough Spell Tablet x69   
82 Sooty Spell Tablet x60
83 Sooty Fine Spell Tablet x71   
84 Smudged Runic Spell Tablet x66
85 Stained Fine Runic Spell Tablet x89
86 Smudged Rough Numen Plaque x7
87 Sooty Numen Plaque x74
88 Sooty Fine Numen Plaque x73         
89 Smudged Runic Numen Plaque x74
90 Stained Fine Runic Numen Plaque x106
91 Smudged Rough Orphic Card x65
92 Sooty Orphic Card x53               
93 Sooty Fine Orphic Card x61
94 Smudged Runic Orphic Card x57
95 Stained Fine Runic Orphic Card x63
96+ Learned via books

Note: You do not need to farm all these as you will have over 200-300 combines left after you reach 350 but farming everything of one set is ideal. Starting from top to bottom will also be easier to keep track of what was done and where you stand in the future.



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