Author Topic: August 23, 2013 - Pre-Order Call of the Forsaken!  (Read 9657 times)

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August 23, 2013 - Pre-Order Call of the Forsaken!
« on: August 23, 2013, 09:06:17 PM »
Call of the forsaken Pre-Orders are up!
Pre-Order Call of the Forsaken and get the Vestments of the Forsaken bonus item. This is a must-have piece of chest armor for Mercenaries. It increases the health and mana of your Mercenary, and is Heirloom, allowing you to trade it to any character on the same account.
The Standard Edition pre-order is available for $39.99.

Take advantage of the pre-oder discount on the Collector's Edition: save $30 and pay just $59.99.
Get more information at the EverQuest Shop and pre-order now!

Vestments of the Forsaken (Mercenary Chest Armor) - Only Available with Pre-Order!
Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack (32 Slot Bag)
Gargoyle Statue (House and Yard Item)
Tirun House Pet / Familiar
Painting: Naythox Thex
Painting: Cristanos Thex
Mark of Neriak (Neriak Neon Sign)
Honeycomb Satchel (36 Slot Bag) - Collector's Edition Only!
Hive of the Bixie (Bixie Honeycomb House) - Collector's Edition Only!
Mount: Ethernere Wurm - Collector's Edition Only!
Contract of the Bixie (Bixie Mercenary) - Collector's Edition Only!