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Re: Create Fake Links
« Reply #25 on: March 21, 2023, 08:13:48 PM »
This is a multi-colored hotkey that i personally edited and made it work. I never saw it from anyone else on one line using more than 1 color but i did 2 using aa/spell links and achievement links. I went to lucy, figured out the spell/aa ID and the code...

Page5Button12Line3=/say 63^8052^'Turn Undead >> 3Thoraf^1871160^0^-1^4095^1313051332^' %T <<

Now that said, i found out there are more links and colors available in the game. Like the NPC dialogue but i did not find a valid example beside an emulator post with a passcode 52213. So i tried to see if it could get me any result and it did show me the light blue color of npc dialogue text links. But the problem is that it breaks because i'm missing something in the code to close the bracket to be read correctly to only show the text.

What am i missing? Can you please help me by giving me an example of a npc dialogue code or telling me the method to get the code like if i did ;tell itemlinked to the server to get an item or spell code?

In THIS line of code what am i missing? for line 1 to get a npc dialogue code working?
Page3Button10Line1=/say Test NPC dialogue code links52213^ test

Page3Button10Line2=/say testcode63^37896^'spelllink
Page3Button10Line3=/say test me3Rorcex^11000004^0^1^1362119591^10000^'achievlink

That's what i was looking for and asking because it's not common knowledge.

Some of these might work, except the Item one was changed I think

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Re: Create Fake Links
« Reply #26 on: March 21, 2023, 09:44:06 PM »
Faction works = ORANGE text color darker
Achievement works = ORANGE text color slightly brighter
Item and spell work = PINK text color
i figured out in the lucy database the exact ID/number to get the AA/spell so that somebody clicks on any of them it will show the information for it.

Dialogue = light BLUE which i want. :)
But do you know what is the CODE line or how to get the dialogue code for it to put it in a hotkey like the others above? Is it line 2?
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Re: Create Fake Links
« Reply #27 on: March 21, 2023, 11:17:51 PM »
After many trials and errors, here it is!!!! :)

Page4Button2Line1=/cast 2
Page4Button2Line2=/cast 2
Page4Button2Line3=/g  63^5259^'֍ Elixir << 3Thoraf^1871160^0^-1^4095^1313051332^'   %t >> 4 1424hp'
Page4Button2Line4=/say  63^5259^'֍ Elixir << 3Thoraf^1871160^0^-1^4095^1313051332^'   %t >> 4 1424hp'

Page3Button10Line1=/say Test NPC dialogue link 4 %t'
NOTE: Keep the space after 4 input text or words you want, or command like %t then close bracket with ' and don't forget to add the squares at the beginning and end of the code line. 4 is the blue color text and also the dialogue code so anything you write in that space will be set in light blue and a text input if you click it!!!  COOL!

Can replace %T with any text you want!!! It will trigger a text input if someone clicks the link ALSO which can be used super easily for questing and helping others say the right thing for quests, raids and npc interactions !!
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