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Broken Key of Frost


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--- Quote ---Investigate the Halas crevasse and place the Frost-Covered Cod 0/1 (Everfrost Peaks)
This will auto update at the spot (as indicated by  on the map), after a mob will spawn and aggro
--- End quote ---

This does NOT auto update.. you need to go to /way 2830, -980, -50 and then right click on the cod...after that the next step updates as well, and a hungry polar bear will attack

The other 2 locations do automatically update upon arrival.

For Broken Key of Frost, must kill 3 different fish for their drops in the river on east side of the zone

If you are a pet user make the following hot key
Line 1:  /pet attack a_frost-covered_cod
Line 2:  /pet attack a_polar_char
Line 3:  /pet attack a_deepwater_redfish

If you are not a pet user you will need to swim in the ice hole (as seen in the video) and kill the required fish.

Once the 3 fish dead, you will need to go to various spots in Everfrost and click a fish to kill a bear.

Oasis of Frost, is to kill a few mobs (2 at a time.)  To trigger them pick up one of the torches from the ground and walk over the undead.  First six mobs max hit for about 34kish and average hit for about 12kish on raid geared bard.  Last guy  max hit for 64kish and average hit for 34kish.  Slightly harder than previous tower floors.  I suspect they will get "harder" as the months go by.  Still very easy, most should not have any issues.

This floor will unlock a decent group geared shoulder for folks, a good type 7 wisdom base aug, and 2 weapon ornaments.  All decent stuff I feel that people should not neglect doing this fast quest/mission line.

Good luck and happy hunting!



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