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EQResource Modern Screen Shot Contest! March 16 - March 31, 2012


For this contest we are looking for players to show off EverQuests newest graphics. Show off how far the game has advanced since it first launched!

Please include your Character and Server name with your submission!

You may submit your entry by posting on this thread, or you may email them to us at . This contest will be judged by the EQResource staff, and a few of our friends. We will select the best 2 screen shots, and those players will each receive 1x 1000 Station Cash key code. The same player can not win both prizes in this contest.


(2) 1000 Station Cash key codes


 - You must use new models!
 - Please only use zones from the HoT or VoA expansions.
 - Use shiny new weapon and shield graphics!
 - You must submit a small explanation (1-4 sentences) on why you picked the location you did.
 - You may submit up to 2 screen shots per player!

Please note that by submitting screen shots for this contest, you are giving us consent to use the screen shots across any site we post on. This includes, but is not limited to,, Facebook, and Twitter.

Still another week or so to go on this!


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